Genuine Rear Right Driver Side OS Offside Seat Catch Bracket 52 20 7 423 770

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52 20 7 423 770
0.15 KGS
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Car Model:
Clubman F54
52 20 7 423 770
Trim Level:
One D
2 Years

Product Description

Product Description

Article Number: 52207423770

BMW Technical Info

Represented by part number 6 in the diagram.

MPNSeriesChassisBody TypeModelEngineProduction CodeProduction Year FromProduction Year ToVersion
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper DB47LR91--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper DB47LR92--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SB46LN91--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SB46LN93--USA
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SB48LN71--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SB48LN72--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper S ALL4B48LU32--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SDB47LR51--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SDB47LR52--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateCooper SD ALL4B47LU72--ECE
52207423770MINIF54EstateOne DB37LR71--ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooperB38C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper ALL4B36---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper DB47B---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper SB48C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper S ALL4B46---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper S ALL4B48C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper SDB47D---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanCooper SD ALL4B47D---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanJCW ALL4B48---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanJCW ALL4B48---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanOneB38B---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54ClubmanOne DB37B---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooperB36C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooperB36C---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooperB38C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper ALL4B36C---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper DB47B---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper SB46C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper SB46C---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper SB48C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper S ALL4B46C---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper S ALL4B48C---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper SDB47D---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanCooper SD ALL4B47D---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanJCW ALL4B48E---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanJCW ALL4B48E---USA
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanOneB38B---ECE
52207423770MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmanOne DB37B---ECE
52207423770MINI F555 doorsCooperB36C---ECE
52207423770MINI F555 doorsCooperB36C---USA
52207423770MINI F555 doorsCooper SB46C---ECE
52207423770MINI F555 doorsCooper SB46C---USA
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooperB36C---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooperB36C---USA
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooperB38C---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooper DB37B---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooper SB46C---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooper SB46C---USA
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooper SB48C---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsCooper SDB47D---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsOneB38B---ECE
52207423770MINI F55 LCI5 doorsOne FirstB38B---ECE
52207423770MINI F563 doorsCooperB36C---ECE
52207423770MINI F563 doorsCooperB36C---USA
52207423770MINI F563 doorsCooper SB46C---ECE
52207423770MINI F563 doorsCooper SB46C---USA
52207423770MINI F563 doorsJCWB46D---ECE
52207423770MINI F563 doorsJCWB46D---USA
52207423770MINI F56 BEV3 doorsCooper SEIB1---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 BEV3 doorsCooper SEIB1---USA
52207423770MINI F56 BEV LCI3 doorsCooper SEIB1---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 BEV LCI3 doorsCooper SEIB1---USA
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooperB36C---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooperB36C---USA
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooperB38C---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooper DB37B---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooper SB46C---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooper SB46C---USA
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsCooper SB48C---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsJCWB46D---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsJCWB46D---USA
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsJCWB48D---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsOneB38B---ECE
52207423770MINI F56 LCI3 doorsOne FirstB38B---ECE
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