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    With this, you are always carefree on the road, even in winter. Should your MINI ever be stuck in ice or snow, simply fit these snow socks over the drive wheels. The extra strong polyester tyre covers are practical, robust and can be mounted or dismounted in just a few easy steps. Available in sizes approved for all 195/55 R16 and 205/45 R17 tyres. Fitting and driving with these tyre socks does not cause any damage to the MINI light alloy wheels. The snow socks are designed for a top speed of 50 km/h and should be replaced after covering around 50 km.

    Benefits of the MINI snow socks at a glance:
    • much better traction on ice and snow
    • easy to start off and drive away at speeds of up to 50 km/h
    • quick and easy to fit and remove
    • no damage to the light alloy wheels
    • includes: 1 pair for tyre sizes 195/55 R16 and 205/45 R17

    Delivery Overview:

    • 1 Pair starting aid.
    • Installation gloves.


    • High-strength polyester.

    Additional Information:

    Safety note:

    • If holes or splits appear on the tread or in other positions, the starting aid is worn and must not be reused!
    • Extreme braking can destroy the starting aid.
    • The maximum speed with the aid is 50 kph.
    • The aid will last for approx. 50 km.

    Technical Information:

    • The MINI starting aid does not replace approved snow chains, in other words if snow chains are compulsory, the MINI starting aid is not approved by law!

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