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      A warm reception: Watch the Connect snap-in adapter show off how well-connected it is, as it holds the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini securely in place and quickly charges it. It also enhances the in-vehicle entertainment: phone calls and music saved on the device make themselves heard via the car speakers. And it even provides the right visuals for the sound: cover art and (depending on the model) videos are shown on the vehicle display. The Connect snap-in adapter is also well-connected: by connecting the smartphone to the vehicle's external aerial, it ensures optimal network reception.

      Benefits of the Connect snap-in adapter at a glance:
      • convenient telephone and music playback functions via the car speakers
      • view cover art on the car display or integrated video interface (depending on the model)
      • for optimal network reception, the smartphone is connected to the vehicle's external aerial
      • additional optional equipment is required for use

      Delivery Overview:

      • 1 Connect snap-in adapter.

      Additional Information:

      Safety note:

      • Mobile phones should not be exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures (> 60°C). If a malfunction occurs, functions cannot be carried out using the mobile phone. Please note the mobile phone's instruction manual!

      Technical Information:

      • Additional information, especially regarding Bluetooth compatibility, can also be found at http://www.mini.com/bluetooth

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      Model: Galaxy S4 mini

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