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    MINI Engine Oil LL-04 SAE 0W-30

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    Article Number: 83212465855

    The MINI Engine Oil Longlife-04 SAE 0W-30 is an engine oil based on synthetic technology. Using this engine oil helps to achieve an engine protection that exceeds conventional industry standards and which helps to keeps critical engine parts clean. Compared to conventional engine oils, this oil exhibits better viscosity properties, reduced friction and less volatility. Furthermore, it helps to enable easier cold-start characteristics at low temperatures.

    Benefits of the MINI Engine Oil LL-04 SAE 0W-30 at a glance:
    • Efficiency: Shows improved fuel economy and reduced CO₂ emissions
    • Protection: Protects the engine from sludge which enables a long service life
    • Cleanliness: Captures dirt particles which reduces deposits in the engine
    • Economy: Has lower tendency to evaporate which leads to low oil consumption and
    • thus less frequent top-ups
    • Performance: Ensures an outstanding low temperature performance, even in
    • temperatures as low as -40 °C which enables easier cold-start characteristics

    Delivery Overview:

    • 1 Oil can, 1 Liter.

    Additional Information:

    Technical Information:

    • Recommended for all MINI gasoline and diesel engines.

    Note on waste oil disposal:

    • According to § 8 Altölentsorgungsverordnung (AltölV).
    • We have a collection point for used combustion engine or gear oils and have a facility there which enables the oil change to be carried out professionally.
    • Please refer to the order confirmation for the return address.
    • Up to the amount of combustion engine and gear oils delivered in individual cases, we accept used combustion engine or gear oils there free of charge during our opening hours. Alternatively, you can choose to return the goods by post if you have paid the shipping costs.
    • The above information also applies to oil filters and oil-containing wastes regularly produced during oil changes.


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