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    Article Number: 51912450528

    Brings fresh colour to the streets. The paint spray set includes a colour basecoat in Caribbean Aqua metallic and a protective clear lacquer to allow repair of even slightly larger paintwork damage. Application of the paint is flawless with the help of practical spray cans.

    Delivery Overview:

    • 1 Spray paint set, consists of:
    • 1 Base coat, 150 ml.
    • 1 Clear coat, 150 ml.

    Additional Information:

    Technical Information:

    • Before use, the base coat and clear varnish must be shaken thoroughly (for at least 5 minutes), otherwise shade differences may occur.
    • Depending on the depth of the paint damage, sanding and the use of a primer may be appropriate to prevent rusting.
    • Following the initial application (base coat), allow this to dry for around 30 minutes before applying the clear varnish.
    • The drying time depends on the ambient temperature. Moist and cold climates with temperatures below 15 degrees are not suitable for this.


    • Caribbean Aqua metallic.
    Colour: Caribbean Aqua metallic C2E

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