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    Battery Disposal Regulations.

    Waste Batteries

    Producers – Automotive or Industrial Batteries
    Producers of automotive and industrial batteries must register with BIS and provide data on an annual basis.


    Organisations that sell (or supply free of charge) more than 32kg of portable batteries per year (on a store by store basis) must take back waste portable batteries free of charge. This is regardless of the method of sale i.e. in store or over the internet. They are also required to provide information to end users at point of sale about the take back arrangements they have put in place. Information on this can be found at www.recycle-more.co.uk.

    Instructions for disposal of batteries and accumulators.

    Batteries and accumulators may not be disposed of in unsorted household refuse after use. Waste batteries may contain hazardous substances that can harm the environment and health. For details, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Please return the batteries in the appropriate return systems. In the UK, the recycling of old batteries can be carried out by municipal authorities (recycling centres) or wherever batteries of the type concerned are sold. In the European Union, the return is free of charge and is required by law.

    Please take the old batteries out of old equipment before returning them. Please also discharge only discharged batteries and rechargeable batteries into the designated containers and glue the poles off for lithium batteries.

    All old equipment should be recycled. This way valuable raw materials such as iron, zinc or nickel can be recovered.

    Information on the meaning of symbols on batteries and accumulators or electrical and electronic devices:

    HG: Battery contains mercury

    CD: Battery contains cadmium

    Pb: Battery contains lead

    Batteries and accumulators or electrical and electrical appliances must not be disposed of in household refuse.