Genuine Chain Tensioner Timing Gear Engine Replacement 11 31 8 490 219

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11 31 8 490 219
81.00 KGS
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Car Model:
3-Door Hatch F56
11 31 8 490 219
Trim Level:
Cooper D

Product Description

Article Number: 11318490219

BMW Technical Info

Represented by part number 10 in the diagram.

MPNSeriesChassisBody TypeModelEngineProduction CodeProduction Year FromProduction Year ToVersion
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper D 1.6N47NSW31--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper D 2.0N47NSW51--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper SDN47NSW71--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsOne DN47NSW11--EUR
11318490219MINI F563 doorCooper DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINIF56HatchbackCooper SDB47XN91--EUR
11318490219MINI F563 doorCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI F563 doorOne DB37A---EUR
11318490219MINI F555 doorCooper DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINIF55HatchbackCooper SDB47XT71--EUR
11318490219MINI F555 doorCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI F555 doorOne DB37A---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman R55 LCIClubmaCooper D 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman R55 LCIClubmaCooper D 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman R55 LCIClubmaCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman R55 LCIClubmaOne DN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper DB47---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper DB47B---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper SDB47---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper SD ALL4B47---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaCooper SD ALL4B47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54ClubmaOne DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmaCooper DB47B---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmaCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmaCooper SD ALL4B47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Clubman F54 LCIClubmaOne DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio R57 LCIConvertiblCooper D 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio R57 LCIConvertiblCooper D 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio R57 LCIConvertiblCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio F57ConvertiblCooper DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio F57ConvertiblCooper SDB47---EUR
11318490219MINI Cabrio F57ConvertiblCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Coup? R58CoupCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Roadster R59RoadsteCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper D 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper D 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper D ALL4 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper D ALL4 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaCooper SD ALL4N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman R60CountrymaOne DN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper DB47---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper DB47B---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper D ALL4B47---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper D ALL4B47B---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper SDB47---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper SDB47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper SD ALL4B47---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaCooper SD ALL4B47D---EUR
11318490219MINI Countryman F60CountrymaOne DB37B---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper D 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper D 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper D ALL4 1.6N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper D ALL4 2.0N47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper SDN47N---EUR
11318490219MINI Paceman R61PacemaCooper SD ALL4N47N---EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper D 1.6N47NSW32--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper D 2.0N47NSW52--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsCooper SDN47NSW72--EUR
11318490219MINIR56 LCI3 doorsOne DN47NSW12--EUR
11318490219MINIF56HatchbackCooper SDB47XN92--EUR
11318490219MINIF55HatchbackCooper SDB47XT72--EUR
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